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Why You Should Ditch Soda Completely

Posted on January 27th, 2012 by comadm  |  2 Comments »

Dr. Joseph Mercola advises against drinking Mountain Dew and other citrus-flavored sodas, because they contain a synthetic chemical called brominated vegetable oil (BVO). You probably don’t know this, but BVO was first used by chemical companies as a flame retardant. This chemical is also banned in food in Europe and Japan. Even so, BVO is […]


The GMO Issue: Top Natural Health News from Dr. Mercola

Posted on January 20th, 2012 by comadm  |  5 Comments »

The fight against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) rages on, and more pressing issues have arisen. With awareness, this silent threat can be addressed, and the public can make informed food choices. Dr. Joseph Mercola presents some natural health news featuring the latest discoveries about GMO. Doctor Warns: Eat This and You’ll Look 5 Years Older […]


Warning: Too Much Tylenol May Kill You

Posted on January 6th, 2012 by Elaine Rosales  |  8 Comments »

Headaches and other minor pains are usually relieved by taking prescription drugs or medications that contain acetaminophen, like Tylenol. But when taking these drugs, you should be very careful about the dose because even slightly overdosing may be deadly. According to Dr. Kenneth Simpson of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, it’s more possible to […]