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Use This Fat to Burn Away Bad Fat

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Because fat is an effective insulator, people who are obese find it difficult to exercise because they feel too hot. A study revealed that by exercising with a hand-cooling device, obese women can overcome fatigue and overheating during workout. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine completed a 12-week study with two groups of women […]


GE Crops and Resistant Insects and Weeds: A New Plague?

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After assuring the public that genetically engineered (GE) crops are the answer to pest woes, they have backfired and a pest nightmare is now plaguing America’s agricultural biotech companies. Corn rootworms have now developed a resistance to an inserted gene in GE corn that was initially designed to eliminate them. Twenty-two of the nation’s top […]


Your Chronic Sinusitis May Not Be Caused By Bacteria

Posted on April 13th, 2012 by comadm  |  8 Comments »

Did you know that a typical case of cold or flu and sinus infection usually disappears in about a week? Chronic sinusitis, however, may last for months or even years if not treated properly. Over 39 million Americans every year are plagued by sinusitis or sinus infections. (link) Sinusitis usually occurs when your sinuses and […]